Utilitaire’ing Around Town

Washington DC bike blogger MG recently proposed an event, The Utlitaire 12, to give us bicyclers something to do through these last few months of winter. The general idea use your bicycle in a way other than for recreation, and document that. For instance, biking to a hair cut or grocery store or meeting, work, etc. All of the rules and documentation can be found on Chasing Mailboxes. The Utilitaire began two weeks ago and runs until March 16th. I think it’s a great idea and it’s made me appreciate all of the little daily adventures I get to have. Below are a recap of a few of my trips.

I went for a smoothie after a ride amongst the farms south of Lexington. The actual smoothie left a lot to be desired. Was not worthy of a photo.

I’ve been stopping by the grocery store a lot lately. Instead of borrowing my roommate’s (grandmother) car for one big trip, I’ve just been picking up a few necessities and such here and there.

On Monday, I managed 2 bottles of wine, 2lbs of tomatos, 1lb of pasta, a few other things, and all of my daily carry.

Yesterday I got a hair cut. Here’s me enjoying the overcast and cold, but crisp day afterwards.

I commute everyday unless it is a torrential thunderstorm. Locking it up.

my bartape came loose!

A new brewery openend in Lexington, so I stopped by on my way home from work. We have Alltech’s Kentucky Ale brewery already, but they don’t have a taproom. The new one, Country Boy Brewing, is fantastic. The proprietors are knowledgeable and friendly, and their beers are among the least expensive in town. I stopped by a day before their official opening and enjoyed a Stout.

Stampin' Ground on Nitro

I won’t put all of my pictures up here. But you can check out the rest, and any other pictures of myself riding around town on my instagram (samburchett) and flickr.


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4 responses to “Utilitaire’ing Around Town

  1. MG

    Loving that green Acorn bag. YUM!

    • Oh my goodness, yes. That is a styling bag. I also enjoy how it matches the bike! Did you carry the wine in that or in something else? I have a European-style grocery bag that’s fantastic for wine.

      • Thanks! I love that little bag. I carried the wine in an acorn bags large saddlebag. It’s affixed to my (only) bicycle for the majority of the time, but I remove it when I go on longer rides.

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