Lexington doesn’t exactly have a high rate of bike theft. Which is great, obviously. Unfortunately, this can also leave bicyclists with a false sense of security.

commuting setup

The Acorn Bags saddlebag pictured above was stolen Monday night as I ate dinner with my family. It was on a nice part of a street that runs into an unsavory neighborhood. I think some could call me naive, and maybe I am, but I like to think that people are better, or maybe lazier, than to wish to steal someone’s bicycle saddlebag. I shouldn’t have left it sitting there, but such is hindsight.

I usually take my handlebar bag in with me, unless it’s a brief stop. However, as anyone with a saddlebag that uses saddle bag loops knows, attaching and detaching such a bag is not a simple process. Certainly not something I wish to do several times per day. I think from now on I will get more creative with where I lock-up or leave my bike. For instance, instead of locking it up to a rack on the sidewalk, I could have asked the restaurant staff if it was OK to leave my bicycle on their front porch. I think most places are OK with this kind of arrangement. If not, taking the entire seat post, saddlebag and all, is a possible solution.

I plan to replace my bag, either with the Rivendell Sackville Small Saddlesack or another Acorn Bags saddlebag. If anyone has any tips on recovering stolen items or how to securely leave your bicycle alone, please comment.


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  1. MG

    I’ve been meaning to comment on this forever. I can’t believe someone ripped off your saddle bag!! I was of your mindset… that no one would sink so low as to rip off somebody’s rear bag. Guess I was wrong. Good luck w/ getting your replacement.

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